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Pricing Breakdown

Event Sponsorship

Sponsorship Options & Pricing:


Experiential Brand Stand 

Brands secure space on the show floor to engage fans, market and gain loyal customers. Cost for booth space based on size, show and floor positioning. Sample costs:

BOOTHS                SIZE                          COST

4                             6x6M         `     $5,500 - $6,900 (Inc. GST) 

8                             9x9M           `    $10,600 - $12,000 (Inc. GST)

                         12x9M            `  $12,900 - $13,800 (Inc. GST)

                         15x15M           ` $20,200 - $21,600 (Inc. GST) 

NOTE: one booth size equals 3x3M


Static Out-of-Home Signage XL Billboard Banner 

Event based Out of Home media in the form of full sized overhead banners and signage is a great way create impact and awareness. Banners and signs can hang directly above a brand’s stand or above main high trafficked concourses, entryways or lobby or even on the exterior of the Event Center (Signage client supplied). Rigging and sign transportation services provided

 $2,800 - $5,500

Average per show based on size and weight of booth


Naming Rights of Key Show Zones

Naming Right ownership position for a brand is vital way to weave into the very fabric of the event and consumer fan experience. Brands receive exclusive branding on all related physical spaces, such as:
 all Programming Theatres, Celebrity Autograph Area, Celebrity Photo Op Studios and the Registration Hall Concourse at the Supanova Events. With each Naming Right comes all support and surrounding media impressions and brand positioning, such as: launch announcements & publicity, Event Promgramme Guide inclusions, mobile app inclusion, on-site title signage, backdrops and more.

 $5,800 - $20,700

(range per show, based on program)


TV Commercials & Trailers

Give your brand the big screen treatment it deserves. Whether you want to simply run your newest TVC/spot or your upcoming Movie or TV show trailer, or create custom cinematic content, we’ll help you go BIG and engage with our influential audience of Con-goers nationwide.

 $2,550 - $3,500

(per show, varies based on audience)


Event Show Bag Advertising & Product Insertions

Whether is a brand ownership exterior Ad on the event show bags themselves or an insertion in to the show bags, it an extremely effective way to get your message across and offer a redeemable actionable item for fans. We know that 80% will purchase new products, video games, movies & TV shows, at release or within 90 days of launch. Separate pricing for Show Bag Exterior Ad vs. brand insertion.


Per show: $12,400

Tour: $33,600 (Inc. GST)

(per show, circulation based)


Per show: $3,200

Tour: $8,600 (Inc. GST)

(per show, circulation based)


Volunteer T-Shirt Advertising

With the Supanova national community, the bond is strong! 93% of our fans tell us they will purchase brands & products associated with the Supanova Tour, so the passion is also extreme. Just like community groups like cosplay (professional costume dress) and artist alley (pro artists), the volunteer (“vollies”) base is a vital piece of the live event production experience. Volunteer T-Shirt Advertising allows you to be a part of the passionate community, at every event.

 $5,225 (Inc. GST)

 (2 show doubleheader minimum, includes printing)


Event Barricade Covers (Branded)

These custom barricade “Bike Rack” covers (or jackets) are an ideal way to impact the live event audience with this eye-catching advertising medium and, for tour brand partners these banners can be used over and over again. These full-colour billboard style covers are a unique and inexpensive way to advertise and are inserted right into the heart of the fan action. 


(printing client supplied, shipping/transport included with tour programs)


Branded Wristbands on all Attendees

Want to make an impression with consumers literally all day or all weekend long? Then you’re going to want to choose the branded wristbands advertising. Great for new product launches or movie relseases or pretty much any campaign where you want to consumer to take action. NOTE: attendees get up-close and personal with their branded wristbands and for the weekend pass holder you’ll even shower with it! Now that’s personal…

 $14,000 - $37,800

(2 show doubleheader minimum, includes printing)

Digital Marketing Opportunities 

Online, Mobile and Social


eDM Media (email marketing): 

Email marketing is still one of the most effective ways to make an impression and at Supanova the database of active “opt-in” members to the eDM keep growing every month. With over 140,000 active loyal consumers in the Supanova eDM audience, brands can take advantage of a bespoke (premium/exclusive) brand message or be a part of a monthly newsletter with a branded Ad tile.

Monthly Newsletter Inclusion (ad tile unit)


 (audience based)

Solus eDM (premium/exclusive):

with Video embedded:  $6,000(Inc. GST)
with Static Graphic:  $4,900 (Inc. GST)

(audience based: ave. 25-30% CTR)


Online/Mobile Editorial & Publicity Articles

The site is part e-commerce (buy tickets) and part pop-culture news and entertainment media. Our staff of editorial writers are constantly covering exciting happenings in movies, tv, comics, gaming, tech and all areas of fan interest. As part of a sponsorship package, let our writers talk about your exciting consumer product or new programming release. With Supanova’s digital platform, a captivating article will be promoted, read, and socially shared by the national audience.

$2,035 (Inc. GST)

(may also be included gratis as part of full-tour sponsor package)


Web & Mobile Media offers great opportunity for brands to make impressions and capture our passionate national fans right on their mobile device or a web browser and, with a click, turn them into customers.

Web Skinning (site takeover), banners, and homepage slider units (and other exclusive ad exposures) are accessible to brands and their agencies, based on inventory availability.

WebSkin/TakeOver:  $1,100 - 2,530 (monthly traffic)

Banner Ad/rotation:  $500 - $1,000 (monthly traffic)

DOUBLE BUNDLE Takeover: WebSkins & Banner Ad (Rotation): $1,500 - $3,500 (Inc. GST) per week

TRIPLE BUNDLE Takeover: WebSkins, Homepage Slider & Banner Ad (Rotation): $1,800 - $4,200 (Inc. GST) per week

(prices based on traffic peaks)


Online Fan Contesting and Consumer Data “Opt-in” Collection

Fans love to be fans and with online/mobile based contests and giveaways, is a great opportunity to turn fans into active consumers. It’s simple, Supanova leads the process with web services, form build, data gather and legal for each sponsored contest. Sponsor brands often provide a “money can’t buy” prize(s) that excite the community to sign-up, share, participate. In the end, the brand sponsor has the opportunity to make an impact, engage, create excitement and ultimately start a relationship with a loyal group of people. With the opt-in database, it’s a chance to re-market and build an ongoing relationship, convert customers.

National Fan Online/Mobile/Social Competitions (w/ social media posts): $5,825 (Inc. GST)

Event based RSVP Campaign (Screenings, Premieres, Previews): $3,784 (Inc. GST)

(all tech dev., legal, fulfilment delivered)


Consumer Research Programs

Supanova provides strategic research services to brands and studios looking to sample a national consumer audience using Quantitative Research data that can be transformed into usable statistics. Each research study can garner attitudes, opinions, behaviors, and other defined variables from a large national sample population.

 Custom Solution

Research Program Proposals on Request

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